Saturday, October 23, 2010

you know you're busy when...

1. your iron goes bust on you...and you've yet to buy a replacement.
2. You sleep before you get to send off an email.
3. The next morning, you wonder why you haven't gotten an answer to your email
4. The house is a mess and you're okay with it.
5. Laundry basket is over flowing, you see it, sigh ...but do nothing more.
6. Your to-do-list is non existent. You have no energy to write because you no longer see its use.
7.You have not shopped ....and the thought of shopping makes you tired rather than excited.

.....7 signs of bad time management:)


fibrate said...

Oh I can so identify with you. Can I do a copy cat post? :)

edina monsoon said...

SURE:) I want my life back. So today will attempt to shop and spend some money. Wish me luck

Anna, Fair and True said...


Hope it gets better soon!