Monday, October 04, 2010

We all fail exams sometimes...aargh aargh

taken from schoolgate
Violin exam results are out. No good news I'm afraid. I failed. ( to be read in a resigned tone of voice with a tinge of sadness). Of course putting things in perspective, I probably deserve the marks I got having shown a lack of commitment early on only to furiously practise in the last month before the exams. And yes that blasted sigh-singing was painful. ( for the examiner as well I gather she's seen fit that I repeat this exam) Dun fret I shan't be hurling self over any window/cliff any time soon. Life goes on....and apparently workload piling in the to-do corner goes on and on and on. An idle mind sees fit to sink into depression but a busy mind has no time for such an indulgence. An awakening.....:) I plan to the new year. And with a better game plan ie actually setting some time to practise regularly. As for the singing bit....*shake head*...that's going to take SOME practise. Hee hee.


letti said...

aww, sorry to hear about that, but that's the spirit. We'll see ya triumph next year! :)

edina monsoon said...

thanks letti:) In the meantime...there's a pile of ironing to do:(

Anna, Fair and True said...

Better luck next time! You can do it!