Sunday, November 21, 2010

Possible stool for Fibrate's little bub

There's a pair. ( I've misplaced one ...)


fibrate said...

I want one. Seriously. Desperately.

(and yes I am stalking your blog hehe...)

Where can I lay my hands on one?

edina monsoon said...

hahah thanks for so HAPPY stalk away) Foot stool.!!!!This stool in the picture..bought from Sg Wang Plaza. The other foot stool in previous blog...flea market -wannabe in Solaris Dutamas didn't buy it cos it cost RM 170. But oh looks good in pictures. YOu want??? I 'm not sure whether they will be there next week...but can try.

fibrate said...

I want this bear one. Sg Wang? Will try to look for it. My girl will so definitely love it!!!

edina monsoon said...

yes Sg Wang Plaza. My dad for it for me some time back. He swears the shop is still there. ( he has been known to get things wrong before..)Will double check with him:)