Sunday, November 21, 2010

Little weeny footstools

solaris dutamas
Found this at what looked like a charity bazaar this morning. Turns out it was not a charity thingy but a flea market. Loads of delicious goodies to look, touch, feel, wear over yourself ( no fitting room provided) and buy. I was mighty tempted to get one of these. I don't need one at all. So eventually the practical side of me won. But before I could get all smug about self restrain and all that ....I parted with RM20 for a pink pinaforte type T-shirt which I now think may be tricky to pull off.


fibrate said...

I want a footstool! For Allison!

edina monsoon said...

you want? you want? I think she would be cute on a little stool..lemme put a picture of one up. wait wait