Sunday, November 21, 2010

Prince Hours ( Completed)

Korean drama serials are brilliant. My experience has been that it usually starts off with you hating the actors for not being as brilliant as your previous series. Everybody looks ugly. The storyline appears murky ( and not half as exciting as the one before) and this comparison goes on until at least the end of the 2nd disc. At that point, you would have had your new favourite character, the story line has possibly gotten interesting and there's some mini crisis which impending doom for at least 2 of the characters. 

I'm currently at that stage where you feel sad ( and I bit cheated ) because the story has ended. There's nearly always a slight dissatisfaction with the ending. Main gripe is it's too short and they cramp 3 years in one episode. I've just completed Prince Hours ( see earlier blog entry for picture of main characters) about 30 minutes ago. My back hurts from lying on the floor throughout the last DVD with minimal movement.

So a quick description of the latest DVD experience.
1. Yongsunggeong was a FOOL in episode 1,2,3,4,etc etc until the 12 episode thereabout. He started acting sensible and less whiny.
2. Moonsungeong's character ( I rooted for him to be crown prince ) is a sad one. You start off hating him thinking he's got the upper hand. as the story unfolds further, your sympathy grows for this poor soul.
3. Court Lady Yang Sung Yi isn't as pretty as the last heroine. But she has the obligatory sharp korean nose. Didn't like her very much until possibly the LAST episode where she appeared polished and more subdued. The shorter hair made a difference too:)
4. Grand prince and the grand princess were both brilliant. You're meant to hate them and oh boy the casting for these two roles were brilliant. I hated them both consistently throughout.
5. The queen had very odd headgears in disc 3+4. Some love affair with a half korean half austrian professor was corney. ( I think that should have been deleted) The corney professor spoke only English but was apparently able to understand korean. 
6.The queen mother was very nice although she got a little testy and snobbish at the end insisting of baniching the court lady because she was a commoner and getting too familiar with the two princes. ( bleah)

That's about it. Next week I start a new dvd set.... 

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