Saturday, December 18, 2010

I'm not happy

Picture of the original restaurant. Note the warm colours
Why do restaurants expand? Why to keep up with the growing number of customers. Easy. This is the problem. The last lucky cosy find of a restaurant has now moved venue and expanded. The issue I have with this new place is just about everything about it. We'll start with the lighting. Clinical fluorescent lights greet you. The floor is tiled and the walls white wash. the seating arrangement is like any other Japanese fast food joints with a carousel playing the main part of the place. To the sides, there were rooms but sadly lacking in warmth. The lady at the front recognised us and showed us to our seats. The waitress was obviously spanking new. She mistook coca cola for ocha. When the bento sets arrived they looked ( and tasted) different. So NO, this supposed move for better business has THIS customer very unhappy. In stark contrast to the previous place which had lovely cosy booths and a definite cosy feel to it. I shall have to think twice about visit 2.


Haris Abdul Rahman said...

One word for this. Capitalism! - nak untung lebih ma!

p/s - jogged and already had my shower. Hmm! Wangi!

edina monsoon said...

wah nice:) I haven't showered. Tengah mogok. Will do that after ironing.