Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Mushroom Age

The Ipad gets to join us for dinner. Day 2 of 2011

The other exciting game to play has to be "mushroom age". The name doesn't do it justice because it sounds serious and boring. Trust me, it is neither. The story line is bizarre. The funniest yet is having to massage Socrates back. ( at least I think it was socrates) A test of your memory. I failed that it and opted instead to SKIP the puzzle. A change from smufland and yes am at chapter 5...and I would rate this 8/10 for now. ( Happy Wednesday to one and all....I'm up early for a change. Only because I have a study patient to see this am....and it warrants a quick flick though the study protocol before half seven this morning )


letti said...

gah, i don't need yet another game to make me even more OCD about beating it. :) *refuses to re-play all the Angry Birds chapters that she didn't get a perfect 3 stars on*


edina monsoon said...

Woohoo looks like you have a more serious disease than I have:) Three stars indeed:) I'm just eager to move up a level. Now, I wonder which of us is the more kiasu :)