Monday, January 17, 2011

The IPAD promotes procrastination

Haven't blogged for nearly a week. Once again it's the IPAD's fault.  It's the truth. My addictive nature just embraces the playing of games....the surfing ....the facebook-ing...and the reading of email. ( Yah who would have thought that would be exciting) Nothing much to report on the surface. Nothing major. I bought yet another book this evening. By Nina Bell who, I feel, should be more famous because her first book which I read "sisters in law" was brilliant. Her second " The inheritance" was the book I left at the local mamak stall for a good few months about a year back. The mamak kept it for me and was very happy to return the book to its rightful owner. Went through the weekend nursing a headache. It was one of those tension-type headaches. Brought on by my non-existent slides for the talk today. Finally started on it at midnight. Not very smart because it made the headache go up 3 notches and the slides were crap.

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