Monday, January 10, 2011

Exciting things I did today

Tosai for tea. 
 Right, due to missing lunch, ( bad idea) I was famished by 4:30pm and stopped functioning around half three in the afternoon. A direct result of this was a mad rush to look for food. In a half hearted attempt to have something light ( in order not to spoil the dinner appetite ) we opted for tosai and teh tarik.  The mamak was pleased with our presence. We were absent for a good month he must have thought we moved country.
Cake for dinner. ( All wrong )
 After the tosai-tea we walked about working up an appetite and ended up having strawberry tea ( inspired by my harvesting strawberries in smurfland ( see picture above ) and this sesame cake. Which looked awful and tasted rather odd. ( but in a good way ) The problem with this was....the timing of it all. And so I'm still hungry and it's 11pm at the moment.
Tea at this place
We had tea at this place. The chairs are nice and low and I could plant both feet on the ground when sitting. Very important that. And very comfortable. Happy Monday. Tomorrow will definitely be busier. I can feel it already.


pricrimbun said...

wow... beautiful views... is it delicious??? make me hunger ^_^'

edina monsoon said...

The strawberry tea was very very nice. The sesame cake is an acquired taste. Liked it towards the end

Haris Abdul Rahman said...

I think I know where 'this place' is .....

edina monsoon said...

haris; tell me tell me...and I'll say whether you're right or wrong