Monday, January 10, 2011

First book purchase for 2011

Love the title.....can't wait to read it
Read the bit at the back of the book.....and immediately had the need to own it.
I can't write a review of these books. Put this up because I bought them this evening and it looks like a slight deviation from my usual (shallow) chic lit. Certainly not the way I plan to start the tone of 2011's reading material but there it is. Two lovely books which were begging to be bought....and I'll be reading them just as soon as I finishe Mrs Ames. ( Don't want to rush that.....because I suspect I shall be sorry when i finish that book)


Anna, Fair and True said...

Sophie's World was soo good, have you read it?

edina monsoon said...

No I haven't read it. ( of course now..I'm definitely going to put it on my MUST read book list for 2011)