Sunday, January 23, 2011

Procrastination is the thief of time

Don't I KNOW that by now. The workload is piling up. It's reached just the level where I start thinking about getting things done. So what I did ( smug look) was write my infamous to-do-list. Divided it into two sections. The first...the non-work-related stuff like groceries, presents to buy, cards, collect photo from some a shop in SS2 PJ ( very high density area with people who drove badly lumped together)...the other section was the longer list for obvious reasons. Well, it's Sunday evening, the work-related to-do-list remains. So I've decided that since its too late to do any real work at this hour, I shall at least do a blog post and write a little about the highlight of the week.

1. Anna delivered. And her baby girl is gorgeous. ( not a wonder seeing as there's good genes floating about in the family)
2. My birthday this year coincided with Thaipusam and so it was a public holiday. What made it extra special was it was spent with good GOOD friends. ( My hair on the other hand appears to have lost its body and is limp most days which is annoying. I've yet to sort it out)
3. Still on the hair issue, I lost my parting on Monday and it took a good half a morning before I found it. Not before I forced those lovely working colleagues to see my rather weird parting.
4.I finally got around to collect the studio photos taken August 2010. I looked airbrushed to death. Rather like one of those pictures you see in the funeral parlor. Most disappointing. I want my money back. Really I do.
5. I bought a Nina Bell book and am really really happy reading it.
6. I opted not to get a macbook air ( for now) and decided on being a little more girly. Got a handbag in kaya green.


Haris Abdul Rahman said...

I was about to give you a MacBook Air. Tak nak pulak! Sorry lah .. the boat has sailed!

edina monsoon said...

Cis cis cis cis....saje nak menyakitkan hati I see:p take. I shall take comfort in my new BAGs!!!

Anna, Fair and True said...