Friday, February 04, 2011

Happy Chinese New Year!!

picture of dad's the garden
While most people spend the new year pigging out ( we did that actually ) and visiting relatives ( we didn't do that) and visiting friends ( we're anti social)....Dad had us pose for a photo session in the garden with the glorious CNY sun blazing down our necks. We wore shades of blood-red-ong ( good luck ) colour for the new year. I look distinctly well-fed in ALL the pictures. It saddens and amazes me that there are people out there who abhore posing for shots merely because they perceive self as fat. I can see how that happens, you ( the fatties out there ) shy away from mirrors therefore rarely seeing self ever. And then you develop a murky image of a thinner self. This delusional image the camera smashes to smithereens within seconds. So I say.....what's a couple of chins more when you're having fun posing. The perfect shot is when you capture the feeling and the oozing of laughter:)Picture of podgy self to come later:) Happy Year of the Rabbit everybody!!!


fibrate said...

How useful to have a MAN in the house who tinkers with camera equipment *sigh*

edina monsoon said...

hahahah ):) As long as there's SOMEBODY who can do camera stuff ..tis good enuff:)