Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Still Chinese New Year

Yee Sang at home
I can't remember what it was like last year but this year's journey back to KL took a whopping 3.5 hours along the Karak highway. I watched the ENTIRE movie of "Pride and Prejudice" and some episodes of " Boys over flower" ( yes yes..) and still felt a little bit bored. The worse part ( almost standstill) was the toll booths where everyone got crazy and some criss crossing led to very messy path leading to the touch and go lane. I'm still trying to figure out how you can aim for the one lane...and yet deviate so far from it. Directly after this harrowing journey pass the toll, to the left were numerous cars lined up with their car bonnets up....trying to cool down their engines. I felt ( evil I know ) a little smug as I vroomed my engine and drove pass these souls. My joy was short lived as the jam started not quite so far after this. I arrived with a headache and am still coming to terms with having experience my very first CNY jam.

Back to work today:) The break was lovely and I feel a little bit more rested than after the christmas break. Happy Chinese New Year....remember it's not over until Chap God Meh!!

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