Sunday, May 29, 2011

Desperate violin practise session

Violin on ottoman on a Sunday afternoon
I have the best violin teacher. She tolerates my lack of practice and encourages us to improve with various tactics. This is her latest; mini concert of all her students on a Sunday afternoon. These pictures ( above and below) were taken during the panic-laden practise session just before leaving home for the concert. The parents were banned from the concert. So was WNN.
Vivace by Teleman( fast and furious)
A great great relief when it was over. I botched up the ending and really played a mediocre rendition of teleman had he been alive, he would have keeled over at bar 4-5. But what this mini concert has achieved is my sudden need to improve fast. So kudos to my violin teacher who organized this and got us to be excited in music all over again.

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