Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sunday update

 I had breakfast at Oldtown Coffee. Last time I was there I still had my ipod touch. ( before I lost it to some undeserving thief at work, may his/her toes ROT) The free wifi meant I stayed long after my meal was finished. 8/10 for the noodles. The coffee was too sweet.
  The pirates of the caribbean is the latest buzz movie-wise. There were props for folks to take pictures at the shopping mall. Loads of people. Everyone seems to own a funky gadget very few SLRs. Majority of people used their phones.
 Isn't this a nice chair? Spotted it at this new shop selling ( wait for it ...) pancakes of all things! I thought the decor didn't suit the product they were selling.
 We had dinner at a Thai restaurant. These are the parents. Both behind the huge menus.
I got this book. My 3rd this week. Which is ridiculous considering the last 2 books are unfinished and left half open on the table. My attention span is bad the last week. Hope it gets better this week. Trollope writes well and I'm looking forward to this book quite a bit.

Anyway this is my Sunday update. Time for bed....and there's work tomorrow. (Bleah)


AJ said...

Rotten toes, rotten feet, rotten legs...I have seen them all...sigh

edina monsoon said...

Yours isn't a glamorous job then. Switch field:)