Monday, June 27, 2011

Bonding session with the new (ahem) G10

A couple of angry (lookin) birds

White gold and some gorgeous diamonds arranged in a very nice way
Righ I got a new camera this evening and this are the first few pics from it. Lovely lovely lovely lovely. And I 'm going to enjoy taking pictures once again. Happy Monday ( dam it's after midnight already)


wasr said...

GOOD ! congratulations on ur new toy, hehe.

Hoping to see great photos soon! ;)

edina monsoon said...

hee I think i meant g12:) New baby:)

fibrate said...

I was just going to ask didn't you already have a G10? (it's scary right, how I know what gadgets you have LOL)

edina monsoon said...

fibrate: HAHAH. I think it shows I prattle on and on about my gadgets lar. Yah I must HAVE been tired. I'm also bad with numbers. :)