Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Sensible message

Sometimes we need to be reminded not to HOG big tables 
 I spent many hours in the car on Sunday. Left the house at half seven in the morning for the 8am mass at St John's Cathedral Bukit Nanas. About 500 m before joining Jalan Kuching, I met the jam courtesy of the KL marathon which meant the main roads around the city centre were off limits right up until 2pm. I joined the many other unhappy folks who were caught out. The sun was out and I got (literally) cooked in the car into a delicious shade of brown. I attempted to head to Sentul for the 9am mass. Again, the jam had spread to areas pretty close to sentul which meant I missed not only the 8am mass at Sj Johns but the 9am mass at the church in Sentul ( I forget the name)...so I ( still being baked slowly but surely in the car and the Sunday morning sunshine) returned to the path to St Johns for the 10:30am mass. Did an ( grrr) illegal turn and knocked a cone down. The policeman was mad. I think the hot sun made him cranky. So I made it to the 10:30am mass. ( And as in my resolution from last year and the year before and the year before...I promised myself I would remember this date sso as not to be caught out AGAIN in 2012)
Taken with the G10 not G12 ( We will return here for a wedding mass on the 16th of July

The afternoon saw me ( and the parents ) in the car ( AGAIN) this time travelling in a different direction ie Puchong as a trial run for an up-coming wedding mass. We got lost. My inner GPS failed and the atmosphere in the car was one of muted silence as the driver slowly dragged herself out of the nasty mood she was in. We found the place and managed to retrace out steps back. And as a reward dad bought me the new G12. ( I'm sure he felt responsible for making us miss many turns...as he SHOULD. As a navigator he was not useful at all)
G12 ( in the shop....)
I almost forgot to explain the first picture above. The sign was at the table in this restaurant. We had a lovely dinner. I was famished. Nothing like getting royally lost to work an appetite up.

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