Sunday, July 31, 2011

Dishes at Wok Hei

This seems to be our frequent haunt. ( daily visits and we have our favorite table to the far left to get free wifi from Imperial Restaurant which is just a floor below.)The portions have gotten slightly smaller since the first time I ate here. Size of portion is inversely proportional to the size of the restaurant which has more than doubled in space. The original lot is now a link to the second phase of Plaza Damas.( Which is yet to be open to the public) And so here are dishes we usually have.

1. Sweet and Sour chicken. Done nicely. Not crispy enough for my liking but the sauce doesn't have the sugary sweet taste. Chicken pieces are bite size so it's easy to eat.

2. Buttered squid. Possibly one of the best dishes in this restaurant. One which has been consistently nice. The fine friable bits are yummy. Some days it can get pretty salty though.

3. Yau Mak. I don't know what is the orginal dialect of this dish. Sounds rude but its nice and bland.
4. Chicken cage. Very small bits of chicken accompanied by bones. So no, I'ld suggest going for the chicken fillet. You get a better deal.( no picture available despite combing through my selection of pictures from 2000)

5. There's the deep fried veg. Which we haven't ordered in a while. When done right it melts in the mouth Of late, this dish comes soggy and oily. Almost unpalatable. And we can't predict when it'll come out right. To be safe, stay away from it until they get it right (again)
4. Sizling taufu is a good dish. It literally sizzles for the first few seconds on the table. So beware don't dish the taufu directly into your mouth otherwise you'll be very sorry indeed.

6. Cantonese Fried Kuey Teow. Definitely one of my favourite. Be sure to ask for chili padi. For some odd bizarre reason they don't automatically serve you with it. They used to in the past.

7. Chicken ginger and onion set is nice to have on its own. Rice portions a bit small so if you're hungry you may want to order another vegetable dish to go along with it.(picture unavailable)

8. The egg-oh foo yong is another dish which is consistently yummy.

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