Saturday, July 30, 2011


Look closely and you'll see gunpowder.
 We had a lovely tea midweek. Tea and scones.....scones which were nice and buttery. One of those ones you can smell the butter and imagine it getting into the system and doing a whole lot of damage. It was worth living dangerously. I may just repeat the experience, Service was slow. We were unsure who was to serve us. And after tea we waited for some movement towards us. Ended up having to walk to the till.

Here's the verdict
scones: 3 thumbs up.
Clotted cream: very expensive and I suspect not the real thing

Hello Mag and Tea!

I told you the clotted cream was err...fake

My tea was served in this:)


letti said...

it all DOES look quite er, Victorian, indeed :)

edina monsoon said...

There's another victorian teahouse but the lady who owns it looks unfriendly. I wouldn't mind a scone right now. Hungry!

Lee Peng said...

Looks like a lovely place for tea. But they seems a little stingy on the cream and jam.

edina monsoon said...

Lee peng: yes but I wouldn't complain about the dollop of jam it was TOO sweet and marred the buttery taste of the scone:)