Saturday, August 06, 2011

Kulim and Penang and Kepala Batas in 2.3 days!

Travelling from Kulim to Kepala Batas
The folks up north are way friendlier than us KL-ites. Yes I have to lump self in this group seeing as I hardly talk to my neighbour nor do I have any inclination to start any conversation even now. Help! Everyone was friendly and it made the trip a pleasant one. 
Pasar Ramadhan in Kepala Batas
 I didn't fancy eating in the hotel so after a lightning quick visit to the hotel room and dumping the one travelling bag I had, I braved the world of Kepala Batas and found this pasar ramadhan 3 minutes from the hotel. It was near the time for buka puasa so the crowd was sparse. As seen in picture above. At which time I was near famished and bought more than I could eat.
Reasonably priced essentials
Saw this displayed in the hotel lobby.  
The reason for this trip
 We travelled to Hospital Kulim ( second visit in 4 months ) and did the job. Once again, the friendly and helpful nurses and ward sister jenny and other support staff were absolutely brilliant. 
Penang bridge ...a different view
And so we return to Penang to fly back home to KL. Penang deserves a separate post. Which will follow


Haris Abdul Rahman said...

I was born and bred in Kepala Batas, went to school there and still have relatives there. Was there last week actually. Of course we are a friendly lot!

What exam was that in Kulim actually?

edina monsoon said...

Woohooo I see I see:) yes very friendly people:) the exam was for the ACMS students!