Thursday, September 08, 2011

Good news!

Taken on the day of the music exam...a few hours before 
The most scary sign of the day

I took the grade 6 exam a year ago and failed. That dented the musical spirit for a few months. But I didn't factor in my teacher being a determined sweet soul who soldiered on and despite failing to dissuade me to repeat this potentially traumatic ( for both her and self) experience, went on to give me extra classes and schedule classes to suit my erratic work schedule. The exam itself had some excruciating flashbacks which made me nervous. I had a jolly time trying to calm the nerves and the first few bars of the first song was played while on auto mode.  This despite being more prepared technically this time around. Nerves I tell you.....are nasty things!!!!!

So a big thank you and I'm very glad not to have disappointed her this year. Grade 6 violin exam passed second attempt:)


letti said...

Hurray!!!!!!!!!!! Great job, girl :)

wasr said...

WAH, Congrats !! Boleh belanja, hehe :P

BrSpiritus said...

Congratulations. I just found the blog while blog hopping.

fibrate said...

Congratulations! So accomplished, you. Resp physician, shutterbug, bag fiend and now violinist :D

edina monsoon said...

Letti: thank you very much!
Wasr: Yes when you're next in town ( provided the euphoria hasn't died off) you shall get a meal
Brspiritus: thanks
Fibrate: And the next project would get some HARP lessons. ( yah why not)

FairyGirl said...

Congrats, I remember a traumatic clarinet experience as a child. Funny how those memories never go away.

edina monsoon said...

Thanks fairygirl:)