Sunday, September 11, 2011

Patience is a virtue

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 We decided to go to the motorshow. And I use the word "we" loosely. As us womenfolk very rarely choose cars over shoes and jewellery you can pretty much guess who we have to blame for this trip.It started out well, us in high spirits. And the mini traffic as we turned into the Bukit Jalil Stadium was a moving one. Parking was ample and very little people at the carpark giving the impression that the visit would be hassle free. ( if only we knew then what we know NOW)
 The walk towards the white domes positioned just beside the main stadium was nice. Weather turned nice and cool. As we turned the corner we then saw the queue which was very long and snaked around the slight curve of the carpark.
 Of course we joined the queue and walked 3 steps and waited and this cycle was repeated throughout the 45 minutes we were outside. It drizzled. And the mother was terrified the hair would get wet. After a bit of grumbling we found a box for her which she hoisted over her hair and all was at peace.
 We eventually got into one of the white domes. A mad rush to get our LEFT hands stamped like so. And then off we went.
To be greeted with yet ANOTHER queue. At which point, the mother ( who's hair remained relatively dry despite the rain) moaned a little. And I must admit I joined in too. 1.5 hours and still no sight of any car. We eventually saw some cars. An eventful way to spend Sunday afternoon. We drove back in our VERY own VW. Meh!!


letti said...

Aw, your mom had me grinning :)

Haris Abdul Rahman said...

I was actually quite keen to go, but was glad I did not :)

edina monsoon said...

letti: yah the folks around us were grinning too:)
Haris: Just as well, all the cars were locked. No pictures inside the cars. Bleah