Saturday, September 17, 2011

Modalu bags

While we're on the theme of bags this morning, Allow me to share with you what you may want to buy to look hip and young. I can't say I'm immediately attracted to these but when seen on a certain almost-royal-lady you must agree it looks rather nice. So nice she has it in a few colours. Here are the pictures to prove it. ( The bag comes in black crocodile,oak crocodile, black leatherm brown leather, tan leather, shark and red leather)

How let's just see what so special about this bag.
1. Handles look solid. I suspect the shoulder strap isn't. Just a hunch
2.It can fit the ipad/laptop  and others. After all, its a portfolio bag its meant to.
3. It looks super cool

Pippa Middleton Modalu bags

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