Saturday, September 17, 2011

Would you be seen with this?

This is not a Longchamp La pliage ( obviously) neither is it a Modalu ( Seen enough times on Pippa middleton to be renamed after her...such is the price of fame). It is a shopping bag by Harrods. Let's have a show of hands ( don't be bashful) those of us who own such a bag!! I must confess to almost owning one. Possible ones to tempt me would be:

1.Knightsbridge Map Shopper ( Medium tote) and the a matching mug please
The mug is lovely! 
Bought this fake version in HK for mum
2. And I would also add this to the possible must-haves from the tote-bag range. I had a bag like this ( similar only in material, given to me by my granny many years ago which I used diligently day in and day out. It came with a pencil case and some pencils.
A delicate cream colour and neat lines. Perfect for violin class

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