Sunday, October 09, 2011

Big bad wolf!

 The Big Bad Wolf sale is here:) Whoppeeeee. We arrived in the blazing ( and I REALLY meant sizzling hot) late-afternoon sun.....and after parking took a long uphill walk to the hall. The great open space had a nice feeling. There was enough parking spots and then some. That felt nice. The hall itself was air-conditioned and they played soothing music designed to make you relax and spend more money. Not that we needed any help. I should like to credit PAPAGO for bringing us to Serdang without any hitch. That's my best investment in a while.

 I used to love Jeeves and would listen to the audio version repeatedly until I almost memorized the entire THANK YOU jeeves. Nice to find some Wodehouse books among the chic lit. ( A pity I already have these two books)
And thankfully most folks didn't mess with the book arrangement much. Made browsing easy and fuss-free. A sale worth going to. I enjoyed myself. We bought so much....had to have the books carted outside. I drove the car from the carpark right to the doorstep to get the books. Lugging them down myself would have been impossible. ( 6 total...didn't we do well!!!)


Small Kucing said...

6 Bags? wow

edina monsoon said...

only one bag was laden with my books:) Other five were the parents'!!

Kavitha said...

Preetha gave up trying to find the place on her own. lol! The second time, she took someone along with her!