Sunday, October 09, 2011

Worth visiting for Arabic food!

Hanith Chicken!!!! ( please order this when you eat here it's divine)
My third time here. And my first in broad daylight for lunch. Weather was hot but we got seats inside. They did the place up a bit, poshed it up with nicer chairs and smaller potion of the lovely sauce I like. That's progress for you. We were early  and midway through the meal they were people standing outside waiting to be seated. I'm telling you, this place serves lovely lovely food. Well worth heading all the way from KL to Putra Jaya
Interesting chillie sauce!
I've never seen sauce like this before. The food was so tasty I didn't bother adding any condiments.
Dessert was sweet and crunchy and lovely
In case you're wondering what baklava is...

Peach flavoured. Nice and fizzy and not too sweet. I love the packaging:) Very alcoholic-like
And here we have the name of the restaurant
Here's the rather tattered menu
A branch in Setiawangsa. 
And here's a branch nearer KL:)
This was yummy too. I'm going to try this the next time I eat here
Crispy bread
I spent saturday afternoon doing nothing but lovely things:) A lovely weekend.


Haris Abdul Rahman said...

Looks intriguing this one. I live quite near the Jelatek branch. I may give it a go soon.

edina monsoon said...

Please have the hanith chicken. salivating just typing this out. Slurrp...