Friday, October 14, 2011

My stomach is upset!

Ginger ale....not the right drink for soothing an upset fiery tummy
 We had dinner at our old haunt. Haven't been there in a while. The last time I was here I didn't have my ipad yet. Which would make that at least 9 months ago. The place looked the same.
SPicy ( and I DO mean spicy) seafood spaghetti
 I chose the seafood spaghetti ( today being friday). Ignored that small chillie sign printed beside the name in the menu and promptly sat back....and waited for my dinner.
Kuey teow ladna ( not its real name)
This was the other dish we ordered. Nice and gooey. Just look at the sauce. Yummy.  I am here to report that those little chillie pictures you see tagged to the menu should NEVER be ignored. My dinner was fiery. The ginger ale was finished in no time at all. As for the main meal, I gave up 1/4 of the way through and decided to blow my lips and suck on an ice cube. Things got better...and I recovered to some extent after coffee. Now....the spicy spaghetti is causing some acidic churning. Most unpleasant. I'm not having this dish again EVAH!


letti said...

eek, hope you're feeling better now. That ladna though, is giving me HUNGER PANGS!!!

Haris Abdul Rahman said...

You are starting to sound like a diva my dear

edina monsoon said...

Letti: Ladna smelled glorious!!!
Haris: Gastric juices brings out the diva in just about anyone:)