Friday, October 21, 2011

Strawberry Shortcake

Strawberry shortcake from Kopi Bean!
We had this after the shopping spree on Monday. The whole experience of spending money after a long hard days work on a Monday is strongly recommended for those who seriously need their spirits lifted. Mine wasn't down at all, but it certainly lifted to some height after I bought yet another bag...oh and shoes
The doll
Eating that reminded me of the strawberry shortcake doll series. I don't see them around now. Not that I would be caught wondering about the toy section mind. A friend came back from Singapore with a strawberry shortcake bag. Peer pressure yes even in lower primary school was pretty strong.  I too HAD simply had to have something strawberry shortcake too. I had a doll and two bags finally. Loved them all to death and paraded them about most days in school, at home...just about everywhere.
The tart!

Here is my version of  a strawberry shortcake doll. Used to spend loads of time with her. She was great friends with my collection of smurfs and snoopies and used to play mama to my many other hair-less dolls. ( I used to brush their hair to death....she escaped) This was UNTIL I round out she was actually *deep breath* a rasberry TART!!!!!!

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