Tuesday, January 10, 2012

2nd week of the 2012

Image taken from Bookshelves.

I love the fact it the mornings are still nice and dark. It lulls me into this sense that I'm leaving for work earlier than what it really is. It's now 6:55am and still pitch dark outside. ( Not that I'm anyway close to being ready to leave the house now)

I'm planning to get rid of some of my storybooks. You know, the disaster buys over the last few years. The books that I never got pass the first few chapters and yet have doggedly hung onto to in the feeble hope of completing them some day. Out they go. And no new books yet. I will attempt to be more selective .

Currently reading " A very funny thing happened" by Anthony Buckeridge. Bought at the second hand bookstore in Dec 2011. ( Before the resolution to buy less books.)A review of which will follow some time soon.

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