Sunday, February 05, 2012

Chap Goh Mei

Taken at Bangsar Village II
The Chinese New Year period of 15 days will end today..or is it tomorrow? I forget. But it'll end either today or tomorrow. So let's just talk about what I know about it.It's the 15 day of chinese new year. Okay that's about all I know. Do you throw oranges? Yes I think you do. Not at someone but into the sea and think of someone you'll marry. Which doesn't make much sense. Better luck throwing that orange at someone.
Bangsar Village II...from the ground floor.
 Other interesting things about the 15th day of CNY, oh yes there's usually a lot of fire crackers outside the condo. I can see it from my hall and most years it looks nice and bright.
KLCC with the sun shining through.

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