Sunday, February 05, 2012

The weekend...

Ben's at Publika
I'm pretty happy with this shot. It shows movement and the lightning is yellow and cosy.
Self potrait.
I'm going to have to review Ben's again. Second visit in less than 4 days. This time with the parents. Now you may remember them as being very traditional taste-bud-wise with a very critical review of most food places we've been to so far. Their criticism sadly comes a few hours after we've eaten with a detailed summary of why the food wasn't up to par.

The parents...studying the menu intently.
Well surprise surprise, they were pleased with Ben's and we had a lovely dinner today. Here are some pictures.
Traditional Caesar Salad
Duck Confitt Spaghettini

Fish and chips
Service was very good. We were served quickly with a smile. The shaky table was sorted out without us having to point it out. The orders weren't botched up. Food came fast. We were seated in a nice area. Not much noice despite having a baby one table away. So yes for this entire experience I'm giving Ben's at Publika, Solaris Dutamas an 8/10

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