Saturday, February 18, 2012

A spot of lung disease updates!

COPD and ASTHMA updates by world experts
I spent the weekend in Taipei which was absolutely lovely. Google was wrong, the temperature dipped to a chilly 12 degrees on arrival. I nearly had to dress like Heidi ( Not Klum but Spyri's Heidi) The speakers were very good. And they walked us through the new GOLD guidelines for COPD and the rational behind changing it. That was useful.
Held at this lovely hotel
 The hotel was nice. My only complain was the lack of free internet service leaving my fashion outfits expiring within the first few hours in Taipei. En route to the hotel, I spotted a Starbucks, so when the concierge said no free internet, I immediately thought of coffee at Starbucks. must pay for wifi there as well. Aargh! So no facebook-ing during the weekend. Which wasn't at all bad because we roamed the streets late in the evening only returning past midnight with tired bodies and emptier pockets
A spot of photography during the Q+A session
This is a picture I took with the zoom of the G11. My favourite in the set of pictures taken indoors for the moment. I shall upload more pictures in the next few days.

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