Monday, February 20, 2012

Someone explain....

I saw this served for breakfast last week. Did I have it? Nope! Having just recovered from an eye-opening dehydrating diarrhoea on my birthday I am now more conservative in my eating habits. So I challenge readers of this blog ( go on you KNOW you want to comment) to explain this to me. Tried googling black bread and I got a site linked to black Russian-speakers:)

Just realised it's after I should rename this post BLACK monday:) Hope its quiet and I get to go through the day in a good mood!!


fibrate said...

It's charcoal bread! You won't know if it tastes like charcoal because you don't know how charcoal tastes like (or do you?) LOL

BTW I've changed URL for my blog

edina monsoon said...

Is it really called charcoal bread ??? And yes I I've taken charcoal tablets before. Does that mean I can say I've eaten charcoal before??? New URL??? Ooh why the change? Am marking papers...obviously taking a well deserved break browsing on the net