Sunday, February 26, 2012

Taipei 101

The arrows are clear which direction we're meant to be heading to
I love the people of Taiwan.  I also love the cold weather. Here are our pictures en route to Taipei 101. We stayed at the Hyatt which is linked to the tower. The walk there was lovely.

Things not to chew..include BETEL nut ( hee hee)
 We didn't go up the tower. Financial constraints + long line of people + cloudy skies. It was eventually the correct choice. We did have dinner there sponsored by the drug company and we couldn't see anything from the window.
I dare you not to go " Aaaah so cute"
 I saw this adorable little girl posing in such a animated manner I just HAD to take a picture. I also posed like so but I won't be posting THAT picture:)
Taipei 101 from the bottom
Brr rrr brr it was cold that evening. Temp dropped to 12 degrees. And there was a bit of wind. I had a truly lovely time in Taipei. What touched me most was the politeness of the folks on the street.

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