Saturday, March 24, 2012

World Tuberculosis Day

Three scenarios seen not infrequently in clinic: a 16-year old girl with a 3-month history of painless left lump at the right side of her neck gets an FNAC done and the report shows granulomatous changes suggstive of tuberculosis. A 23 -ear old man with a 4-month history of unresolving cough despite 2-3 courses of antibiotics presents for further investigation. Chest radiograph showed mild left sided pleural effusion. Sputum AFB direct smear was positive. A 68-year old lady with multiple comorbidities presents with cough for a few weeks, chest radiograph revealed opacities in the right upper zone. Sputum for AFB was negative.

Three very different scenarios above refutes  the opinion that  tuberculosis presents with typical symptoms and affects the  immunocompromised, the immigrant population and the elderly whilst sparing the healthier group of folks

Today is World TB day so I would like to wish for better Tuberculosis care in my own hospital and on a wider scope my country. Let us fight Tuberculosis together.

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