Sunday, April 22, 2012

Being tourisy

I was spotted taking many shots in the vicinity of this Greek Ice Cream Shop and so the owner of the shop offered us some free samples. Yum! It was yummy!

The selection !!
So we headed to the counter to pick the flavour. I chose persimmon because that box looked half full. The man at the counter gave me a spoonful to taste before I got my full DOLLOP of the real thing.
Persimmon for me
It was very nice I'm coming back for more.


letti said...

oooo good tip.... choose the one which looks to be the most popular!

fibrate said...

Not fair! When I do the same I get chased away instead!!!

edina monsoon said...

Letti: Yes yes:) Shows what a gourmet I am when it comes to getting what's the tastiest! Doesn't often work...we once ate at this porridge place full of people and oh boy the disappointment was terrible. Tepid porridge:P

Fibrate: Maybe cos I was with my dad who obviously looked like he was dying for an ice-cream anyway!!