Sunday, April 22, 2012

Cape cod

Lovely color!
 I did a spot of window shopping this afternoon. Okay, that's a lie. I shopped this afternoon. There! I said it. Found this lovely blur dress at Cape Cod. It was lovely except a size too big and the V neck was dangerously low. So no, I didn't buy it ( Overall effect was a podgy person looking suspisciously preggers) Ewwwe
Wrong color wrong size
I brought this other color into the fitting room but didn't bother trying it. On the up side..I'm actually a size THREE. Who would have thought? Obviously some glitch in the system but hey hey I'm happy


fibrate said...

I had a polka dots phase once. Makes you girly and elegant at the same time. Love 'em (btw the captcha thingie is making me blind)

edina monsoon said...

( sorry about the word verification I had to go through it once in my OWN blog and when I was trying to reset my mum's email acount...) Any idea how to make is less stressful on the eyes? I'll try and figure something out...( soon) Yay for pokka dots.