Saturday, April 21, 2012

Vietnames food after simply ages

Located at one of the higher floors at Pavillion
Are you a fan of vietnamese food? You may like this restaurant. Ambience wise pretty good. Tucked on the higher floors it's pretty quiet. Its near the escalator so if you position yourself seated facing the window you may people-watch and have some fun. ( fashion victims are quite rampant at Pavillion)
Decent selection 
I like the menu. It has quite a decent selection. And the lighting is nice too. The other vietnamese restaurant at One-utama has poor romantic lighting. ( But their noodles are better)
Very yummiy ( I've forgotton the name)
We had this instead of fried spring rolls. OOoo they were more than yummy. It was hot, moist and spicy.

This was okay. The entire dish was slightly above average. I think I prefer the vietnamese restaurant a one-utama
I'm still confused what this is. And how would one eat it!!!

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