Saturday, April 21, 2012


Seafood for WNN and Self
 Tucked in the lower ground floor of Berjaya Times Square is Vivo restaurant. if you're not keen to buy cheap clothes or the latest fashion at a fraction of the usual price, then perhaps you'ld want to head to the Curve. They have a Vivo branch there as well. So you can shop...and when you're hungry you can reward self with these absolutely delicious scallops. Mandatory that you try them out when you eat at Vivo. Although the branch at Berjaya does it better.
Scallops for everyone

Foot long sausages (X2) for AJ
This was what I ordered the first time I ate at Vivo. It was a rainy evening and I was very hungry. The mushroom sauce is of the garlicky variety. ( I love garlic!!!!) We had dinner here yesterday evening. AJ was on call so we waited for her to finish her rounds. I entertained WNN with very boring and out of tune scales and dominant sevens.

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