Thursday, May 31, 2012

Couldn't find blog this morning

I had a mini panic attack a few minutes ago when I wanted to do a quick post and couldn't find my blog. When I clicked on my bookmark Safari said " This blog has been deleted". So this is possibly what has happened. I had to open my gmail account on a pc in one of the wards to check my verifcation code for a different system. Possibly the password has been saved there and my gmail account has been accessed by someone other than myself. Aaaargh! I logged into gmail and was forced to change my passwork. And the inbox showed weird failed sent messages to some of my contacts. I saw this a few days ago and didn't think much about it. I should have. So if you have abnormal acitivity noted in my gmail account please change your password immediately. And now...time for a working Thursday. Oooo after this scare, most things bad will pale in comparison. Happy Working Thursday...we're almost into the weekend hang in there a bit longer. (Pssst !! I have now managed to jog > 3km in my new shoes)

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