Monday, June 04, 2012

Lake Gardens

Tucked in a corner
For the second consecutive Saturday, we went jogging ( mostly walking briskly with some long pauses for photo-sessions) at the Lake Gardens. Yes we still found secret nooks which we missed the first time around. I missed the turn off and we ended up looping around and arriving slightly later. Parking was impossible. So we parked illegally at the side of the road. As we parked, within minutes there was a long row of cars parked behind us. It was hot and humid and we didn't jog until mush later around the lake.

The bonsai trees make this look like a scene from "The Hobbit"
The whole experience is nice. To be surrounded by nature in the city centre. We ate roti telor for breakfast...another 7KM needed to burn this up:) Hehe

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Jobless Girl said...

Nice view.