Sunday, July 29, 2012

Where to buy a cake..

 My aim was to buy a cake for this afternoon. The purpose of the cake is to celebrate the parents' wedding anniversary. Actual date 2nd of August. So this weekend would appear to be the closest to eat a cake. I decided not to buy from cellicake at Hartamas, Going to Publika in light of the recent thefts both inside and outside the building proved too daunting even for me. So I drove on and headed to here. Now I'm not sure what exactly this place is called but I think it's called Mount Kiara something something. I remembered seeing a small bakery here and as I drove around ( in vain) looking for a legal carpark I found the shop. No space to park nearby.  This bakery is lovely, dark and cosy and it has nice invitingg atmosphere. I think its run by Koreans because the three ladies serving spoke Korean to each other. ( See!! All those Korean serials have paid off a bit)
 I couldn't decide! This was my first choice. Red Velvet cake. Doesn't it not look absolutely gorgeous?? Then I remembered( just in time ) that red velvet is my favourite cake and not the parents. So I chose something else...pistachio which came highly recommended.
 Here are some of the goodies available. Quite a good selection and a little bit different from the ones from celicake so it was a good change.
 I didn't dare take one although this sign was taped above the basket. Would you have taken one?
 One of the korean ladies ...icing the words on my cake!
 The bakery which also sells flowers in one corner. This isn't the nice side but there were people sitting to the right and I didn't dare snap away

 I spotted a red velvet cupcake but didn't buy it for some reason. Kinda regret it now.
 Weeny cupcakes for sale
 This sign was outside the shop.
 This was in front beside the entrance to the shop
Too warm to sit outside surely

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