Sunday, July 29, 2012

My new bag from Longchamp!

Pure leather in a lovely blue and incredibly soft. It comes with a long strap. Infinite joy!


Lee Peng said...

You gave in! I'm glad it's a stylish leather one. Absolutely love the colour!

fibrate said...


Haris Abdul Rahman said...

Women and handbags! Never quite able to understand that!

edina monsoon said...

Lee peng: yes!!! my self control fluctuates during the year.
Fibrate: THANKS!!
Haris: I wouldn't expect you to understand. Never mind the wife will slowly teach you the art of appreciating handbags. I have day !

Bianca Grove said...

It's absolutely gorgeous, Edina! The brilliance is just right for its blue green color. The mix of blue and green is one of the perfect combinations of color because Blue represents loyalty and faith, while Green symbolizes nature, life, and balance.

Bianca Grove