Saturday, August 25, 2012

My obsession for the month

Picture taken from Mcdonalds Jalan Pahang
Two Sundays in a row, I've been drawn by some invisible power to McDonalds for their breakfast set and particularly for their harsh brown. The lovely pipping hot crunchy bit of potential muffin-top-inducer they serve. ( No picture of that because I enjoy that first before realising I should really take a picture for the blog)  And also their coffee. Not the gourmet ones they serve these days ( at an ended price+ separate counter) but their usual cheap black coffee which comes free with their sets. Perhaps ...I will have this today as well!!I feel the best aromatic coffee ( undiluted) is from San Francisco coffee place. Do you agree?


fibrate said...

McD's breakfast was the only thing I looked forward to on weekends when I was a MO! We had to do rounds every weekend regardless of whether we were on call or not and would get extremely annoyed if for some reasons the rounds were delayed causing us to miss the breakfast offerings!

But watch your LDL-chol will ya? ;)

edina monsoon said...

I went for ipoh oldtown breakfast this morning instead of Mcdonalds:)