Saturday, August 25, 2012

The London 2012 Olympics...( Kate's fashion update)

Picture taken from OMG yahoo
1. The Duchess of Cambridge and her skinny jeans which I felt ( feel) were just a wee bit away from tights!. I wouldn't call these gorgeous legs. And no this is not jealousy so don't go thinking along that line. I'll tell you who has great royal legs...Charlotte Casiraghi! ( Google and you will agree)

2. Another olympic-outing for Kate. I like this because she's wearing a Longchamp long handle bag ( triple yay). The only other time we've seen her with one was during her graduation. As you may well have realise at this stage, I am a bit of a longchamp fan.

3. Kate wore this to watch a hockey match. What I like about these pictures....she's absolutely enjoying herself and we see some different facial expressions. Way to go Kate...we always knew you had them expressions in you deep deep down.

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Gaara of the Desert said...

damn she is beautiful