Sunday, August 12, 2012

Weekly update

I appear to be doing posts on a weekly basis. Can't blame work....or lack of material. I believe I may blame jogging. As my energy level just drops to below compatibility with any work in the evenings once I crawl my way back home after my jog.
I travelled up north for an overnight stay. Work-related. Here are my trusty longchamps doing what they do best ie being functional and stylish at the same time. Go KNOW you're dying for one yourself. I 'm still looking for two of mine which has been misplaced...khahi green and bilberry blue. Boohoo!
Ecco for quality
While we're on the topic of stuff that are stylist....may I just add that Ecco shoes are hardy and last pretty darn long. You may get a wider selection at their shop in the gardens. Mine have been worn a lot and I can safely say they're comfy. Time for a new pair but they rarely stock my size. Aargh

 Addicted to Moo cow. Enuff said
It's less than a week to Hari Raya! This was a makan by a colleague. Just before the start of the fasting month. I am blessed with good working colleagues some of whom have become really good friends.

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