Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Schönbrunn Palace

The tube station where I got off
 As a tourist, you feel compelled ( at least I did ) to go down the list of tourisy things to do. And this was on my list. " Visit palace". It rained and rained at a steady flow. So that over-priced umbrella ( if you convert to RM ...40 ringgit for a normal plain blue brolly ) was put to good use. There was a bit of wind. So some of the pictures were tilted at an angle, as I tried to take a picture AND hold onto my umbrella to prevent it from being blown away.
You are meant to validate your ticket here
The tube station ticket validation puts a lot of faith in human nature. You can easily cheat the system and travel free. That'll be wrong of course but you will agree it is possible and I'm sure many have been tempted and succumbed. We had a free pass throughout the duration of the congress. Very generous and very handy.
Adverstisement for concert at Schonbrunn Palace
 I now wish I had gone for a concert here. But the thought of it being late at night and having to walk all the way to the tube station and get wet wasn't very appealing to me. Still, a good reason to return to Austria for a proper holiday.
The gardens ( part of it )
 The gardens were lovely. This was the first of my attempted panoramic view from my camera. I've chosen only one shot to post. The flowers were so red and unreal. Imagine looking out of your window and seeing this as your back garden. These royals....they had it good. No wonder the french aristocrats were beheaded. Imagine living in such opulence whilst your people struggle for their next meal. Their apartments really do look out to this. ( When we toured inside I peeked outside and saw this very view)
The front of the palace as you enter
 It was wet and I was cold. And dying to head to some dry place to be warmed up. The castle's history and audio tour was nice. There was a room where the bed was. So small, he either liked a cosy feeling or people back then were shorter. I'm still trying to figure out why. They were also big on designs on the wall right up to the ceiling and on the ceiling as well. A mix of diferent motifs and colours. I think some of the interior designers would disagree with their colour schemes. Tsk tsk!

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