Monday, September 17, 2012

Statsoper Wien

I watched Don Carlo. ( Programme booklet )
 The opera house in Vienna has lovely architecture. My pictures don't do it justice so I've selected only one of the indoot shot for this post. It is every bit as amazing as you can imagine.
The view from where I sat.
 It looks like a scene from a movie, the crowds of people like little ants seated in their own boxes. Almost like a James Bond movie? Or would you say Phantom of the opera scene? Pick your choice.
Very steep very interesting and very scary
 THIS is what I had to walk down to where my seat was. If you have some diplopia you'll be sure to end up in a heap at the bottom all twisted and mangled. Thankfully everyone's eyes were well behaved and nobody else appeared to have suffered from a irrational fear of heights except me.
Intermission. To your right is where you head for some drinks
 We had a break. Very important for weak bladders, and a great chance to stretch your legs and walk down about 4 flights of stairs to where the drinks were being sold. I had a bottle of bubbled water and absorbed the atmosphere to the maximum.
Ticketing officer. Picture taken earlier in the day
I very nearly DIDN't make this opera. Sold out!!! But just around the corner were some folks selling tickets and I got mine. I had to crane my neck throughout the performance but I am sure you'ld agree with WAS worth the creak in the neck and the 49 euros I paid. I want MORE!!!


Anonymous said...

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fibrate said...

Miss, were you there for a conference or holiday?!!! hehe...

edina monsoon said...

Conference...but I shan't bore you with conference pics:)

Lee Peng said...

The steps does look pretty scary. I think I remember seeing this building featured in The Amazing Race.

Hey, 49 Euro for a concert in Vienna is definitely an opportunity not to be missed. Well done!

edina monsoon said...

It was a steal! I was very lucky to get them on the last night in Vienna. Happy!