Sunday, September 16, 2012

Stephansdom and Mozarthaus

Mozart chocolates with pistachio marzipan inside.
 There were a lot of shops with Mozart's chocolates being displayed. But I think this was the nicest. This was on the older side of Stephansdom where Mozart's house is.
Mozart's house. ( dark drown door)
 There is the house. He lived here for 2 and a half years. No pictures once inside so I'll just have to rely on memory and describe some stuff. Once inside, ( and after paying) you get inside a very small lift and go up to the top floor. The tour starts there. You also get ( if you pay extra) a tiny gadget like a phone which you can enter certain combination of numbers and listen to the commentary of things you see. It can get a little tiring so they thoughtfully provided some seats at the window for us tired legs. You get to listen to Mozart's rise and how he possibly lost his fortune through the love of gambling. Apparently he didn't have much luck there.
The view from Mozart's apartment.
 When he first arrived from Salzburg he stayed in a small room which is in the building to your right. The building which is jutting out a bit. See how he progressed in riches and fame. Only to die a pauper.
The famous cathedral which I went for Sunday mass. I think it was featured in some movies before but I forget now. Didn't go for the tour of this because I got distracted with the lovely shops to the left and right of the cathedral and also the many ice cream parlous and coffee places surrounding the vicinity. You understand surely. More to follow....


fibrate said...

Lovely lovely lovely!

edina monsoon said...

thank you. More pictures coming don't worry. I'm trying to do one or two a week. One more post coming up. I think a three-day weekend was lovely didn't feel drained today.

Lee Peng said...

What a awesome experience!

edina monsoon said...

It was it was!!!