Thursday, September 27, 2012

Willkommen an der Universität Wien

The tube station you should get off...if you're attending university
 The University of Vienna is worth visiting. So here's where you get off at Universitat Ring. After this, everything else is pretty simple until you get out of the station. Not many signs pointing you to the right direction. And if you hadn't bothered googling the picture ( like me ) you may end up walking purposefully in different directions in vain. ( A separate post for the sights around the university main building)
Never mind the skinny jeans, observe the tram running through this station
 A cute little tram runs through the tube station. And it's pretty silent so once its outside the building it buzzes about and you need to be aware where the tram lines are. I walked to the left of the picture and up to broad daylight.
The main building of the university
Here is the main building found after 15 minutes and asking one single person on a bicycle. You may notice the lines of this picture isn't clean and I lobbed off bits of the top. Tired!! ( And excited at finally finding the building)
The very comprehensive list of Almar Maters
 This is in the main hall (Aula). We had an Aula Maxima at our old university but it didn't look half as grand as this Aula. The first thing that strikes you is the height of the ceiling. Materials must have been cheap back in the dark ages cos the ceiling went up forever.
Guided tours only in Summer
I missed the guided tour sessions so I did the next best thing which was to look around on my own and make up my own version of what is what.
Discrepancy in size of doors
 Still at the Aula where you may peek through the glass onto the courtyard. I found the door sizes weird and felt a little like Arrietty in the Borrowers.
Lovely stairs to walk up
 After walking about I took these lovely stairs which lead me to more interesting spots and also to the toilet.
The ceiling in one part of the main building
Just look at the intricate designs on the ceiling. We wouldn't be able to achieve this any time.The light streaming in gave it a creamy hue. Nice!
What a long corridor
This is a sight through one of the main huge doors. My head comes up to the door handle and I can just about peek through this. The University of Vienna is one of the oldest in the German speaking world and it has many other buildings scattered about but this main building is certainly worth visiting.


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